Taming the Orchard

Adjacent to the house is a small orchard. I’m assuming it was lovingly planted many years ago and cared for by the previous owners in the beginning, but in recent times it has been much neglected. That’s got to change. The mature fruit trees were a big draw for me to this place. I’ve always wanted an orchard and if there hadn’t been one, I would have started from scratch. I’m so glad to have one already at the fruit-bearing stage.

One of my first tasks since moving in has been to get it back to standard. It’s a bit late in the season to do much about the coming crop. I’ll get some fruit from the 15 trees I hope, but it won’t be a bumper year. That’s a long term investment (I keep telling myself).

I’ve given it a good mow and clear out, but there’s still a lot left to do. It has been seriously dry over the last few months and with the house empty for six months before we moved in, the trees have had to fend for themselves.  We’re on rainwater tanks here so we have to be careful about water usage at the best of times. We do have a bore water pump at the front of the property – but that’s a whole other blog post…

Even so, some of the trees are starting to bear fruit. There’s no labels and I only have a vague idea of what is growing  from previous experience with fruit trees. There are definitely some apple and pear varieties, possibly apricot and nectarine trees too but I’m no expert on those. I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer for confirmation!


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  1. Yoga Hippy says:

    Hey Tassie, thanks for your like on our blog and I would love to say your blog is looking amazing, love the articles so far and will share on my blog today.


    1. Thanks! It’s a work in progress. 🙂


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