Our slice of Tasmania!

Well, we did it! After packing up our belongings and relocating back to Australia, we finally made the leap and bought our own place. Renting has been good to us for sure, but it’s always been the plan to buy a place we could call our own. We couldn’t afford the lifestyle we wanted in England, but Tasmania has afforded us much more than we could have imagined! It’s been quite the journey so far and it’s only just beginning.

So why the blog? Well, I have plans. In a world of fast food, next day internet deliveries, Amazon listening in and unlocking your doors, big city living is just not for me!

I want to slow down. Escape the rush a little. I’m not talking totally off the grid self sufficiency, but I’d love to be more sustainable, more natural, more connected to the Earth and the community. I’ll start small of course. Veggies in the garden, revive the fruit trees in the orchard, maybe some chickens, just see where it leads me. This blog will be a place where I put down my thoughts and track my progress and failures! Hopefully I will pick up a whole bunch of tips and new skills along the way too. Lets just say I have a lot to learn!

It’s a big step from anything I am used to. Quite possibly with 3.5 acres to take care now of I may have bitten off slightly more than I can chew, but I’ll chomp down hard and see where it takes me! So welcome to the journey. Our “Casa Ponderosa” country living by the sea down here in Tasmania. Our little slice of island paradise. I’ve bought a blank canvas that I intend to paint into my very own masterpiece (okay, that may be a stretch). There’s going to be much, much more to follow so please subscribe, follow or leave me a comment!

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂


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